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What do you use to clean fascia and soffits?

We use a chemical called uPVC Max which is specially designed and safe for use with uPVC, we can supply technical data sheet if needed,

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Do you clean the outside of my gutter?

Yes. Our gutter cleaning service is to remove all the debris from inside the gutter system, Fascia & Soffit cleaning however is for the cleaning of all exterior faces, Including the gutter.

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What if my Fascia & Soffits are very dirty?

99% of the time we can get them to look like new again, Even when they are very dirty! However there are some exceptions. For example, When the uPVC is stained – It can be very difficult to remove, If not impossible. Some people may sand away the staining and re polish the plastic. This is not recommended though as it can (after a few months) become more noticeable! We’ll tell you BEFORE we start if there’s likely to be a problem!